03 January 2013

New Year, New Beginnings

 Happy New Year!

There's something so satisfying about starting a new year:
Clean slate, clean calendar, clean house (working on it)!

Every January or so, I try to make a few loose resolutions in the spirit of the new year. I say "loose" in the sense that they are less tangible than your typical resolution - I hate assigning hard numbers (ie: save 10%, read 2 books a month) because then it just feels like work. So much of my job (and I would think many jobs) is about achieving those numbers and hitting those targets...so I would prefer my personal life not be the same. This way, I can't really fail at my resolutions. I achieve them...just to varying degrees.

So, here they are!

1. Read first, watch TV second

This Fall, I spent a little more time watching TV and a little less time reading books. For me, TV is instant gratification, and it's so much more of a social activity - whether you're watching with a friend or talking about it with your coworker the next day. But books take time, and everybody reads at different paces, and how often do you invite your friends over to read together? Never. But I really do enjoy reading - be it fiction, motivational, chick lit, self-help (2012 marked my enthusiastic foray into this genre). I'm compiling my list of must-reads for the year, so send your suggestions my way!
2. Blog more regularly

Somewhere in between my Fall travels and Winter hibernation, I completely and unexpectedly fell off the blogging train. I loved blogging but I have to admit, I didn't love the daily pressure I put on myself. My new goal: to find a happy balance, whatever that may be.

3. Spend (a little) more and with (a lot) less guilt 
I have a meticulous habit of putting pretty much everything on my credit card, then tracking my expenses on a daily weekly basis. This, too often, leads to a lot of remorse and a lot of, "Why did I spend money on that?!" So, for the new year, I'm reserving a little pot of cash for discretionary purchases that I'd rather spend some money on and then forget about.

4. Spend less time on Facebook

 A study on Facebook found that instead of making its users feel more connected with their friends, it inevitably makes people feels lonelier and less fulfilled with their own lives. It's makes sense - when all you see in your newsfeed is everyone constantly portraying themselves in the best light, it's easy to feel inadequate. And who wants to feel that way?

5. Live more "in the moment"

I've learned that there are two types of people: People who live "in the moment" and people who live "in the future." Somehow over the years, I have developed into as much of the latter as one can be - I'm always looking forward and planning ahead...always. So much that most of the time, I forget to enjoy the moment and appreciate the present.

What about you? What are your New Year resolutions?

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  1. Hi and welcome back! I was starting to wonder where you were :-). Happy New Year! I like your resolution to read more. A good book is so much more fulfilling than the Real Housewives, but one is easier to plop down on the couch, watch and judge. I usually go the easy route.
    My resolutions include exercising more, saving (I really have to be strict with myself on that one this year), and to speak the truth in love.

  2. happy new year! looking forward to more new recipes and decorating ideas! patricia

  3. but how do i deal in the meantime, without you?

  4. Ohhhh...Miss Victoria! Happy New Year to you! Love your list of resolutions! hmmmm maybe I will squeak out a blog post or two myself...but I will not stress if I do not! My resolutions are:I shall endeavor to write a tutorial for you and...but most important on the list is to create! create! create! Make time to craft/sew some cool new designs that may eventually make it into my shop! Hope you are doing well!

  5. I love love love this list. Best say of resolutions I have seen in a long time!!

  6. Hey! JaneLaced is awarding you the Liebster Award!

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