04 May 2012

Room to Breathe: Outdoor Spaces

The warm weather in Columbus has me wishing my apartment came with an outdoor space to relax in!
These are a few of my favorite spaces...how amazing is the little outdoor movie set up?


Gracie is also feeling a little cooped up and wishing her crate came with an outdoor space as well.

In this world, there are problem makers and problem solvers...
and I think in this case, Gracie may just have found a way to straddle the line between both.

We came home one day to find her greeting us at the door, tail wagging...which could only mean that she had found a way to escape her crate...and had her way with 2 pairs of shoes.

So, we put her back in...and this is what she showed us. 

Before adopting Gracie, Brad and I had been puppy shopping for forever. While our breed preference changed from day to day (Shiba Inu? Chocolate lab? Spaniel?), one thing stayed constant: we wanted a smart dog.

Isn't it ironic that we ended up with a dog who outsmarts us?

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  1. my favorite is the outdoor fireplace. also love the projection movie screen. why not have both?

  2. omg love these outdoor spaces! but i know it's more idealistic ... outdoor spaces get so dirty and takes a lot to maintain. gracie is sooo smart!! patricia


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